Most Beautiful Castles in Belgium: Architectural Jewels

Belgium is chock full of history, so it’s no surprise that there are countless stunning castles scattered throughout the country. Each of these beautiful buildings tells a unique story and all you have to do is come and visit them.

In this post, we will explore some of the most beautiful castles in Belgium, explaining why they are so unique and giving you dozens of reasons to visit them!

Gravensteen, Ghent

Gravensteen, Ghent
Gravensteen, Ghent

One of the most visited castles in Belgium has to be Gravensteen. It is also known as the Castle of the Counts, as it was the former home to the Counts of Flanders from the 12th to 14th centuries. It is indeed an imposing fortress, and also smack bang in the heart of Ghent.

Built in the 12th century, the castle is quintessentially medieval with its thick stone walls, moat, and turrets. One of its highlights that everyone loves is the dungeon. It is home to a gruesome collection of torture instruments that you won’t want to see put to use.

Castle of Freÿr, Hastière

Castle of Freÿr, Hastière
Castle of Freÿr, Hastière – Image via Wikimedia

The Castle of Freÿr is an elegant, Renaissance-style château situated along the banks of the Meuse River. This 16th-century castle features beautiful terraced gardens, along with fountains, statues, and maze-like hedges. Visitors can also explore the unique interior of a nobleman’s summer residence with an impressive collection of antique furniture and tapestries.

Groot-Bijgaarden Castle, Dilbeek

Nestled in a lush, 14-hectare park, Groot-Bijgaarden Castle is a 12th-century fortress that is surrounded by a deep moat. You have to cross a five-arch bridge to get to this stunning castle that is a blend of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Its beautiful 14-hectare gardens are a highlight for most people, especially since they host an annual Floralia flower show featuring more than a million spring bulbs that are quite a sight to behold.

Het Steen, Antwerp

Het Steen, Antwerp
Het Steen, Antwerp

On the outskirts of Antwerp’s old town, right on the banks of The Scheldt is Het Steen. It is a small medieval fortress that is quite quick to visit, but worth the detour nonetheless. Originally built in the 13th century as a gateway to a castle from the Dukes of Brabant, it has undergone numerous restorations over the years.

Bouillon Castle, Bouillon

Perched on a rocky hill overlooking the Semois River, Bouillon Castle is a popular Belgian castle dating back to the 8th century. One of the best parts about this huge castle is its location. Not only are you soaking up history that goes back further than you can really imagine, but you also get views of the town and river below.

Alden Biesen Castle, Rijkhoven

Alden Biesen Castle
Alden Biesen Castle

Alden Biesen Castle is a stunning 16th-century château nestled amongst some lovely orchards and gardens in Rijkhoven. Founded by the Teutonic Order in the 11th century, this stunning castle boasts Baroque architecture, as well as hosting a cultural program, art exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical performances.

Castle Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde, Bornem

Another Belgian castle along the Scheldt River, Castle Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde is a beautiful, moated fortress dating back to the 14th century. The castle offers a fascinating look at the history of the region, with highlights including its richly decorated rooms, impressive tapestry collection, and beautiful, manicured gardens.

Gaasbeek Castle, Lennik

Once a stronghold for the counts of Leuven, Gaasbeek Castle was once a stronghold for the counts of Leuven. However, it has since evolved into an elegant château, surrounded by lush gardens and a picturesque park. The castle is home to a museum that showcases its eventful history, along with an impressive collection of artwork, tapestries, and period furniture. Although it is currently closed (early 2023), they appear to be reopening in July of 2023 after lots of work on the interior.

Montaigle Castle, Falaën

The ruins of Montaigle Castle
The ruins of Montaigle Castle – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The ruins of Montaigle Castle have been standing outside Falaën since Henry II of France destroyed the 14th-century castle in 1554. Of all the Belgian cases on this list, this one is the least intact but speaks to the history that this site has seen for over a thousand years.

The Citadel of Namur, Namur

The Citadel of Namur is a strategic castle that proudly stands over the city of Namur at the confluence of the Belgian rivers of the Sambre and Meuse.. Once the home to the Counts of Namur, this vast complex offers breathtaking views, underground passages, and intriguing historical exhibits. The highlight for most people is the 500m, recently restored, underground tunnels that you can visit.

Chateau De Modave, Modave

Chateau Modave
Chateau Modave – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Chateau De Modave is a castle from the Middle Ages that sits high above the Hoyoux River. It has been home to countless owners from Maximilian-Henry of Bavaria to Prince Bishop of Liège. One of the big highlights of this Belgian castle is the 450 hectares of nature reserve that surround it.

Château de Beloeil, Beloeil

Château de Beloeil
Château de Beloeil

Often referred to as the “Belgian Versailles,” Château de Beloeil is home to the Prince of Ligne. It is a stunning 800-year-old castle surrounded by magnificent gardens and a large pond. It is home to an extensive art collection, antique furniture, and an impressive library.

Castle of Vêves, Houyet

Château de Vêves
Château de Vêves – image courtesy of Wikimedia

Dating back to around 1230, the Castle of Vêves is a fairy-tale fortress nestled in the picturesque village of Houyet. With its pointy towers and conical rooftops, the castle looks like it was taken straight out of a Disney movie, or the intro to their movies at least.

Boetfort Castle, Leuven

Thermae Boetfort – Image via

Originally a medieval fortress, Boetfort Castle has been transformed into a luxurious spa and wellness retreat called Thermae Boetfort. Not far from Leuven, this beautiful 14th-century castle is surrounded by pristine woodland and offers a range of spa treatments and facilities, including a Roman bathhouse, saunas, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Borrekens Castle, Vorselaar

Borrekens Castle
Borrekens Castle – image via Wikimedia

Borrekens Castle is a charming, moated Belgian Castle near Vorselaar, that dates back to the 13th century. It was built by the Van Rotselaar family who still live inside today. They are descended from an important line of nobles dating back centuries. So, not surprisingly, the castle is not open to the general public, but you can get a glimpse of the castle’s beautiful exterior and amazing surroundings.

Annevoie Castle, Anhée

Annevoie Castle
Annevoie Castle – Image via Wikimedia

Built in the 18th century, Annevoie Castle is an elegant manor home of the Montpellier family. It is well known for its water gardens that feature elaborate fountains, waterfalls, and canals. This is another castle that is not open to the public, but the gardens are certainly worth the visit.

La Roche-en-Ardenne Castle, La Roche-en-Ardenne

La Roche-en-Ardenne Castle
La Roche-en-Ardenne Castle

Overlooking the picturesque town of La Roche-en-Ardenne, this imposing medieval fortress dates back to the 9th century. The ruins of La Roche-en-Ardenne Castle offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape and the Ourthe River. Visitors can explore the castle’s ancient chambers and learn about its turbulent history through a fascinating falconry display and the nightly ghost show during summer evenings.

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