Bayehon Waterfall – Discover Belgium’s Second Biggest Falls


The Bayehon Waterfall, also known as Cascade du Bayehon, is the second-highest of Belgium’s waterfalls. It is 9 meters high and is fed by the Bayehon River, which starts in the High Fens where the falls are located.

A visit to the Beyehon Waterfall makes for a relaxing day out in nature.

Getting To The Bayehon Waterfall

There are a number of ways to reach the Bayhon Waterfall:

By Car

You can drive near the Bayehon waterfall and park at Moulin du Bayehon. From there it takes around 2 km to reach the waterfall.

Public Transport

The closest you can get to the falls is the nearby town of Malmedy which can be reached by train. From there you will have to hire a taxi or walk to the falls. This takes around 2 hours one way.


The Bayehon waterfall can be reached by a number of hiking trails such as this 8km loop trail near Malmédy. It takes around 2 hours to complete.

Best Time to Visit

The waterfall is most impressive after periods of heavy rain, which increases the volume of water cascading down. Spring and early summer are particularly good times, as the surrounding vegetation is lush and vibrant. However, the waterfall is open and accessible year-round.

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