7 Stunning Belgian Waterfalls: The Ultimate Guide

Cascade du Bayehon

Really, lovers of waterfalls will love Belgium! I want to inform you about some of Belgium’s most fascinating waterfalls. Because of their beauty, height, location, and the trails that get to them, these natural beauties are worth a quick trip on any weekend of the year. So, without further ado, let’s explore these magnificent waterfalls.

Cascade de la Chaudière

The Ardennes region of Belgium is home to this lesser-known treasure. Although it may not be particularly tall, the peaceful environment and beautiful surroundings make it a great location for nature enthusiasts. The falls are not on a well-defined trail, but you can find them with a little bit of effort by wandering through the surrounding forests.

Cascade du Bayehon


Bayehon Waterfall, situated in the High Fens area close to Malmedy, has a decent height of 9 meters. It is located in the Bayehon Valley, a well-liked trekking location. The climb to the waterfall is manageable and takes place on well-kept routes through picturesque scenery. Take a rest and take in the scenery of the Bayehon stream, which feeds the waterfall.

Reinhardstein Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the Ardennes region, close to the picturesque Reinhardstein Castle, one of Belgium’s finest. It is one of Belgium’s tallest waterfalls at about 60 meters high. You pass through magnificent woods and along the Warche River on the climb to the falls. The well-marked trails make it easy to get to this stunning cascade.

The Coo Waterfall

Cascade de Coo
Cascade de Coo – Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

The Coo Waterfall, also known as Cascade de Coo, is the most well-known and tallest waterfall in Belgium. It is 15 meters high and impressive from whatever angle you choose to view it from, You will find it in the province of Liège, close to the town of Coo These falls are actually impressive twin waterfalls that are a result of the Amblève River splitting into two channels. There are a number of hiking routes nearby that go to the waterfall and provide stunning views and an opportunity to explore the nearby woodlands

Cascade de Leopold II

This waterfall, which bears the name of a former Belgian king, is a beauty in the Ardennes. Although it isn’t as tall as some of the other waterfalls on the list, it has a charming vibe to it. A lovely walk through the forest leads visitors to the waterfall. It is the perfect location for nature enthusiasts because of the lush vegetation, moss-covered rocks, and cascading water.

Cascade de Nutons

The Cascade de Nutons is a gorgeous waterfall in the Fondry des Chiens region. They are not on every waterfall enthusiast’s bucket list. However, they are still worth checking out if you are in the area. Although the waterfall is not particularly large, it is flanked by some interesting geographical features that include a sizable sinkhole. A quick hike to the falls requires taking a trail that passes through trees while offering breathtaking views of the region.

Chanxhe Cascades

Another set of falls in the province of Liège, these waterfalls are close to the community of Chanxhe. Even if the cascades aren’t particularly tall, their beauty can be found in the solitude that can be found there. The waterfalls are accessible by walking down the river, which is always a pleasure as you can imagine.

These waterfalls in Belgium might not be as well-known or spectacular as some of their international counterparts, but they give their best with breathtaking views, fun hikes and a pleasant day out. So, if you are searching for something to do today, be sure to head out into nature and include one of these gems on your itinerary.

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