Mountains In Belgium: Explore These Majestic Regions

Belgium might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of mountains, but it certainly does have its fair share of peaks and high points that are worth exploring.

In this guide to Belgian’s mountains, you will learn which are the highest peaks, where they are, and other fun facts about them.

10 Highest Mountains in Belgium

The following are the 10 highest peaks in Belgium in order of height. They are all located in the hilliest part of the country, in a region called Wallonia, and are all quite similar in height.

Signal de Botrange694m
Weißer Stein693.3m
Mont Rigi 680m
Baraque Michel 674m
10 Highest Mountains in Belgium

The Highest Mountain in Belgium

Signal de Botrange, Belgium's highest mountain
Image courtesy of Wikimedia

In Belgium, the highest point is Signal de Botrange, which rises 694 meters above sea level. It’s in the High Fens, an area renowned for its breathtaking moorlands and woods. In the winter, cross-country skiing, biking, and hiking are all popular activities at Signal de Botrange, which is not surprising given its height and open countryside.

Are there any mountains in Belgium?

Belgium has a number of hills that can be considered mountains, despite the fact that it lacks the Alps’ or the Pyrenees’ towering peaks. They are mainly found in the Ardennes, a mountainous area that stretches into France, Luxembourg, and Germany.

What is Belgium’s largest mountain?

The highest mountain in Belgium is Signal de Botrange. It is located in the High Fens, a nature preserve distinguished by its wide moorlands, rolling hills, and thick forests.

What is Belgium’s renowned mountain range?

The most well-known mountain range in Belgium is the Ardennes, which is renowned for its stunning scenery, quaint towns, and a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking are all popular because they are accessible in this area.

How many mountain ranges are in Belgium?

The High Fens, the Ardennes, and the Condroz and Famenne districts are Belgium’s three most hilly areas. With soft rolling hills, deep valleys, and striking rock formations, these places have a variety of scenery that anyone would enjoy.

Where is Belgium’s highest point located?

Signal de Botrange is found In the eastern part of Belgium, in an area known as the High Fens. It is Belgium’s highest point at  694 meters above sea level.

Is Belgium flat or hilly?

The topography of Belgium is varied and ranges from hilly in the south to far flatter in the north. The more hilly regions are in the French-speaking Wallonia in areas such as the Ardennes and High Fens.

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