Discover Bruges City Card: Visit For Less Money

The DiscoverBruges City Card is a visitor card designed to save you money on your visit to this stunning city. It is not going to save you bucketloads, but it is worth having if you are visiting lots of museums and doing lots of activities in Bruges.

It covers more than thirty different museums and activities in Bruges, so there is sure to be something worthwhile for you there!

What is the Discover Bruges Card?

The Discover Bruges Card is a free card provided to anyone who stays in a hotel in Bruges for at least one night. It is provided to you upon arrival and offers you discounts on a huge variety of museums and activities within the city.

Bruges Attractions Included

With the Discover Bruges Card, you get discounted entry to a variety of museums, and attractions and also do certain activities. Here is a list of what you can get:

  1. Homebrewery De Halve Maan
  2. Choco-Story
  3. Cinema Lumière Bruges
  4. Historium
  5. Belgian Fries Museum
  6. Foltermuseum
  7. Kantcentrum
  8. Torture Museum Bruges
  9. XPO Center Bruges
  10. Gallery XPO Salvador Dali
  11. Lumina Domestica/Lamp museum
  12. Bruges Beer Experience
  13. Bruges Diamond Museum
  14. Lace Centre
  15. Musea Sculpta
  16. Lago Olympia
  17. Seafront-Maritiem themepark
  18. Boudewijn Seapark
  19. Boat trip Damme-Bruges-Damme
  20. Photo Tour Brugge
  21. Bike rental
  22. Balloon trip over Bruges
  23. City tours
  24. Wine tours

You will find all the details and a complete list of what options are discounted by how much here.

It is also worth noting that you can get four euros off the Bruges Museum Card, which gets you lots larger discounts on all the museums in Bruges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my hotel is eligible for the Discover Bruges Card?

You can get the Discover Bruges card from your hotel as long as they are a member of Hotels Regio Brugge. Ask them before booking to ensure they are eligible and that you will get one upon arrival.

How much money can you save with the Discover Bruges Card?

You can certainly save a reasonable amount of money with this city card, especially since it is free with your hotel stay. You can save between 50 cents and 5 Euros per attraction, depending on what you visit.

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