Domaine des Grottes de Han: A Guide For Visitors

domaine des grottes de han

The Caves of Han-sur-Lesse are some of the most famous natural landmarks in Belgium. Attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, these caves are a unique natural phenomenon that impresses anyone who sees them. The caves were created by river Lesse’s erosion of a limestone hill, for some of the most spectacular grotto sights in the world.

You’re in the right place if you want to learn more about this Belgian landmark and plan your visit. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Caves of Han, including how to reach them, nearby accommodation options, ticket prices, and more!

Domaine des Grottes de Han: A Brief Overview

Domaine des Grottes de Han
© Domain of the Caves of Han 2023

Domaine des Grottes de Han-sur-Lesse is a vast complex of natural caves. The visitor’s center is in the center of Han-sur-Lesse village, while the caves and the wildlife park are approximately 2 kilometers away. Access to the site of the caves is possible only in a historic streetcar and it’s included in the price of tickets.

This Belgian cave complex is a result of underground erosion and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, with up to 300,000 visitors per year. It’s one of the best things to do in Wallonia, so if you are traveling in the region or just planning a trip to Belgium’s best attractions, the beautiful caves should be at the top of your list.

The Cave of Han

Cave of Han
© Domain of the Caves of Han 2023

The Cave of Han is one of the most impressive attractions of the entire Belgian Ardennes geopark, and definitely worth the visit if you’re already in the area, or you truly enjoy exploring beautiful and unique natural landmarks.

Grottes de Han can only be explored on a guided tour and you have the option of choosing from two types of tours, hence the pricy tickets. The Cave Discovery tour is just an hour and 15 minutes long and it allows you to discover the most beautiful chambers in the cave, the cave galleries, and the Origin light show.

The Cave Journey tour is two hours long and includes everything from the Discovery tour, plus some extras. It’s the better option for people who want to explore this natural phenomenon in depth, especially since there’s no difference in ticket prices.

What are some practical things you should know about these caves? You can’t bring a stroller on either tour because the caves are not stroller-friendly; you will need to climb 365-510 stairs, depending on which tour you choose.

Dogs are allowed inside the caves though, and you can bring kids younger than four if they are able to walk or you can carry them all the way. Also, it’s always cold in the caves (around 9 degrees Celsius), so you’ll need a warm jacket even if you’re visiting in the middle of the summer.

The Wildlife Park

Wildlife Park
© Domain of the Caves of Han 2023

The Wildlife Park is a vast natural environment with wild animals. You can see wild boar, European bison, bears, and many other animals here. Kids in particular tend to love this part of the Domaine des Grottes de Han Park, so definitely consider including it in your itinerary if you’re traveling as a family.

It’s possible to explore the wildlife park on foot or with a safari car. Either option is free, although it’s necessary to indicate you want to use the car while you’re booking the tickets. It will take you about three hours to explore the park on foot by following the guided trails, but only about an hour and a half on the safari bus.

Dogs are not allowed at the wildlife park and there’s no kennel on-site, so you will need to arrange for them to stay somewhere if you’re in Belgium with a furry friend.

Camping in Domaine des Grottes de Han

Cocoon Village
Cocoon Village © Domain of the Caves of Han 2023

If you want to stay close to the site of caves surrounded by stunning nature, consider camping in the Grottes de Han natural park. You can stay at the glamping tents in the Cocoon village or in treetop tents in the heart of their wildlife park.

The treetop tents offer more privacy but the glamping village is better suited for travelers with young children. The Cocoon Village tents can be booked for two nights, while the treetop tents are available only for one night.

The minimum price for the glamping tents (for two nights) is 390 Euros, which includes a stay for two adults, or one adult with two children. If you’re traveling solo or with just one child, you still have to pay the full price of the tent. The treetop tents are more expensive at 270 Euros minimum for one night, which covers one adult and one child. The price of a treetop tent for two adults is 350 Euros.

Prices & Opening Times

It’s possible to visit the Caves of Han during every month of the year, although they’re open every day of the month only in the summer. The warm season sees departures for the caves every half an hour, while the colder months often have periods that are reserved for exclusive and group visits. You can see the full calendar of opening times for the park right here.

There are three types of tickets for Domaine des Grottes de Han and they all include access to the PrehistoHan museum. All tickets also include free transport to the location of Grotte de Han, as well as shuttle bus transport back into the town.

The most comprehensive type of ticket is PassHan, which grants you entrance to the caves, the wildlife park, and the museum. It’s a single-use ticket valid throughout the season, so you could visit the park on one day, the cave on another, and the museum even a few months later. These tickets are 39.5 Euros for adults and 29.5 Euros for children (4-11 years). Kids under the age of four can visit the park for free.

Tickets for just the Han Cave and the museum are significantly more affordable at 27 Euros for adults and 21 Euros for Children. The tickets that grant entrance to the Wildlife Park and the museum, but not the cave, are priced the same, so 27 Euros for adults and 21 Euros for children. If you choose the Safari bus tickets during checkout, the transportation throughout the wildlife park is free.

One thing to note is that VisitWallonia often offers discounts for PassHan tickets, so it’s worth checking out their website to see if they have any current promo codes you can use for your visit.

Getting There

You just need to get to the visitor’s center, which is in the center of the Han-sur-Lesse village. If you’ve got a car in Belgium you can just drive up to the visitor’s center, although it’s worth noting that they don’t have a parking lot for visitors. But there are quite a few public parking lots nearby, and you can expect to spend around 7 Euros for a day of parking.

The village is also serviced by the 29 bus that operates the Jemelle – Wellin – Grupont route, so you can easily travel by public transport if you don’t have access to a vehicle in Belgium.

You can get to Han-sur-Lesse from Brussels airport in approximately two and a half hours. First, you need to catch a train from the airport to the Brussels Nord train station in the city, where you can get on a train to Rochefort. That ride is about an hour and 45 minutes, and at Rochefort, you can catch the 29 bus to the village and be in front of the Domaine des Grottes de Han visitor’s center in only 15 minutes.

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