Exploring Pairi Daiza: Belgium’s Premier Zoo and Botanical Garden

Pairi Daiza - Tiger

Right in the heart of Belgium, just 60km from Brussels like the mind-blowing zoo called Pairi Daiza. It is a renowned destination for wildlife and nature lovers and raises the bar for every other zoo in Belgium, and the world.

Home to a diverse range of animals and a world-class botanical garden, this award-winning park is the perfect getaway for families and animal lovers alike.

In this blog post, I will guide you through everything you need to know about visiting Pairi Daiza, including getting there, entry prices, accommodation, and much more.

General Information

Below is all the general information you need to help you plan a day to Pairi Daiza:

AddressDomaine de Cambron, 7940 Brugelette, Belgium (Google Maps)
Opening TimesAdults (12-64 y/o): €42.00
Children (3-11 y/o): €36.00
Toddlers (-3 y/o): free
Seniors (65+): €40.00
*Note: this is the highest price for weekends & public holidays
For other prices see this page.
Ticket PricesAdults (12-64 y/o): €42.00
Children (3-11 y/o): €36.00
Toddlers (-3 y/o): free
Seniors (65+): €40.00
*Note: this is the highest price for weekends & public holidays
Other prices see this page.
Parking€10 parking on-site, lots of parking
Public TransportTrain to Cambron-Casteau train station, then walk
AccessibilityWheelchair accessible with wheelchairs available on-site
Pairi Daiza general information

Getting to Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza is well located in Brugelette just 60 km southwest of Brussels. It’s easily accessible by car, train, or bus, so you can actually choose how you want to get there..

  • By car: From Brussels, take the E19/E42 highway towards Mons and exit at number 21 towards Ath. Then, follow the signs for Pairi Daiza.
  • By train: Catch a train from Brussels to the nearby Ath or Mons station. From there, take a TEC bus or a taxi to Pairi Daiza.
  • By bus: A number of tour operators and travel agencies offer bus trips to Pairi Daiza. Alternatively, you can use the TEC public transport network.
Chinese Garden at Pairi Daiza
Chinese Garden at Pairi Daiza

Entry and Ticket Prices

Pairi Daiza offers a range of ticket options to suit different budgets and needs. During the summer season or on weekends the ticket prices are as follows

  • Adult (ages 12 and up): €42
  • Child (ages 3 to 11): €36
  • Infant (under 3): Free

Discounted rates are available for seniors, disabled visitors, and groups. A good idea is to book ahead online and save money as prices tend to be higher at the gate.

Exploring the Paira Daiza Park

Giraffe at Pairi Daiza
Giraffe at Pairi Daiza

At a whopping 65 hectares, this stunning Belgian zoo is huge. It is actually a park you need at least 2 days for, but you could visit it all in one day at a push. The park features nine themed worlds inspired by different parts of the world. Each area has different animals, plants, and landscapes.

It is hard to show you everything that is on offer, so here is the short version to give you an idea.

  • The Last Frontier features North American wildlife
  • The Land of the Cold showcasing Arctic and Antarctic animals
  • The Kingdom of Ganesha inspired by Eastern Asia
  • The Land of Origins focuses on Africa
  • Southern Cape representing Oceania
  • The Middle Kingdom highlights China
  • Cambron-by-the-Sea housing an aquarium
  • Cambron Abbey introduces farm animals and birds.
Elephant at Pairi Daiza
Elephant at Pairi Daiza

The owners of Pairi Daiza also want to bring things to a new level by offering unique experiences in the park, that way you can go home with an even better memory of your time there. Here are a few of the ideas they had to make your day:

  • Animal Adventure: Giving you access to the animals for close contact with Asian Elephants, Saimïris, Tapirs or Steller Sea Lions
  • Keeper for a Day: Get even closer to daily life in the zoo helping with care and meals, and more.

Accommodation Options

If you want an even more unforgettable experience at Pairi Daiza, why not book at night at the Pairi Daiza Resort. Not only do you get to stay in this heavenly place, but you will also get to see the animals directly from your accommodation. Kinda like going on a safari, only in Belgium!

There are three different accommodation options you can choose from:

  • Polar Bear House: Enjoy a luxurious stay in this elegant hotel, with rooms offering different views of the polar bear enclosure.
  • The Full Moon Lodges: Stay in a cozy wooden lodge overlooking the bear and wolf enclosure, complete with a terrace and private jacuzzi.
  • The Ganesha Temple Suites: Experience a taste of Asia in these opulent suites, offering direct views of the elephant habitat.
  • Native Village: Honoring first nations people, this top-notch offering overlooks the bears and deer.

There are actually quite a few more, but you get the idea of what you get to experience. Not only first-hand yet unique views of the animals, but also full access to lots of parts of the park at all times.

Alternatively, you can find a range of hotels, B&Bs, and vacation rentals in nearby towns like Ath and Mons, if you wish to pay a little less. After all, luxury park accommodation is not in everyone’s budget.

All in all, a visit to Pairi Daiza promises a memorable experience for all ages. Not only do they have a stunning botanical garden with a diverse animal collection, they also offer unique accommodation experiences you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

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