Discover the Top 16 Things to do in Namur, Belgium

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Nestled in the heart of Belgium’s Wallonia region, Namur is a charming city that boasts a rich history and a vibrant atmosphere. Perfect for a weekend getaway, Namur offers a taste of authentic Belgium with its cobbled streets, medieval architecture, and delightful local cuisine. Ready to explore Namur? Let’s dive into the top 16 things to do in Namur, this enchanting city!

Short Summary

  • Explore Namur’s rich history, iconic landmarks & unique culture.

  • Enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking & biking trails.

  • Sample local specialties, craft beer tasting, and fine dining experiences in the city!

Exploring Namur’s Rich History

Namur’s history stretches back to the Stone Age, and evidence of its past can be found throughout the city. From the impressive Citadel of Namur to the majestic Saint Aubain Cathedral and the UNESCO-listed Belfry of Namur, there’s no shortage of historical treasures to be discovered.

So why not step back in time and immerse yourself in the fascinating stories that make Namur the captivating city it is today?

Citadel of Namur

Citadel of Namur
Citadel of Namur

The Citadel of Namur, perched on a hill overlooking the confluence of the Sambre and Meuse rivers, is a must-see for any history enthusiast. With a history spanning over two millennia, the Citadel was once home to the Counts of Namur during the Middle Ages and is considered one of the strongest fortresses in Europe. Today, the Citadel invites visitors to explore its ramparts, restored underground levels, and fascinating exhibitions on the fortress’s long history.

For a truly unique experience, hop on the tourist train for a tour around the Citadel’s defense walls, or take a thrilling ride on the Citadel of Namur cable car, offering panoramic views of the city’s slanted rooftops and church steeples. Don’t miss the opportunity to wander through the impressive underground passages and visit the Terra-Nova Interpretive Centre to learn more about the Citadel’s storied past.

Saint Aubain Cathedral

Saint Aubain Cathedral
Saint Aubain Cathedral – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Built between 1751 and 1767, the stunning Saint Aubain Cathedral is the only Belgian cathedral designed in the Late Baroque style. While its exterior is impressive, the interior is even more breathtaking, featuring intricate ornamental friezes, sculptures, and paintings that have been well-preserved over the years.

Take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry that went into creating this architectural gem, which has been a part of Namur’s history since its construction as a church in 1047 and its subsequent elevation to a cathedral in 1559.

UNESCO Belfry of Namur

Belfry of Namur
Belfry of Namur – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The UNESCO Belfry of Namur, built in 1388 as part of the city wall, is another historical marvel worth visiting. In 1745, the structure became the Belfry of Namur, serving as the city’s official palace after the church was destroyed during a siege.

Today, visitors can admire Belfry’s timeless beauty and appreciate its significance as part of Namur’s rich historical tapestry.

Nature and Outdoor Activities in Namur

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to love about Namur, with its picturesque rivers and lush green landscapes providing the perfect backdrop for a variety of activities. Whether you prefer leisurely river cruises, adrenaline-pumping kayaking and paddleboarding adventures, or scenic hiking and biking trails, Namur has something for everyone.

So grab your sunscreen and your sense of adventure, and let’s explore the great outdoors in this beautiful corner of Belgium!

River Cruises

Namur river cruise
Namur river cruise

As you glide along the water, marvel at the picturesque views of the Namur Citadel and the charming old town, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding

For those seeking a more hands-on adventure, kayaking and paddleboarding are excellent ways to explore Namur’s stunning riverscapes. The Ourthe, Lesse, Meuse, and Semois rivers provide a variety of kayaking and paddleboarding experiences, from tranquil, leisurely paddles to more challenging routes that will test your skills.

A river cruise is an idyllic way to experience the beauty of Namur, offering a unique perspective on the city’s historic center and stunning architecture. Croisières Namur, the city’s main cruise company, offers a range of options, from a 50-minute journey along the Sambre and Meuse rivers to a customizable 4-hour adventure.

As you navigate the water, take in the breathtaking scenery and relish the opportunity to connect with nature in a truly unforgettable way.

Hiking and Biking Trails

Whether on foot or on two wheels, Namur’s network of hiking and biking trails offers a fantastic way to explore the region’s diverse landscapes. Some popular trails include Promenade Namuroise de Malonne à Mettet, Profondeville Forest – Siberian Belvedere Loop, and Nismes – Froidchapelle – Philippeville.

Each trail offers a unique experience, from peaceful woodland walks to challenging bike routes that will get your heart racing. So, lace up your shoes or saddle up, and set off on an adventure through Namur’s great outdoors!

Discovering Art and Culture

Namur on the river
Namur on the river

Namur’s thriving art and culture scene offers a wealth of opportunities for visitors to engage with the city’s creative spirit. From the captivating works at the Félicien Rops Museum to the contemporary exhibitions at Galerie du Beffroi and the captivating performances at Jardin De Passion. Theatre, there’s no shortage of artistic inspiration to be found in Namur.

So, let your curiosity guide you as you discover the city’s vibrant cultural offerings.

Félicien Rops Museum

Félicien Rops Museum
Félicien Rops Museum – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The Félicien Rops Museum is dedicated to the life and works of the renowned Belgian artist Félicien Rops, known for his provocative Symbolism and dark, satanic themes. The museum houses a permanent collection of Rops’s works, as well as temporary exhibitions that showcase the artist’s multifaceted talents.

Whether you’re a seasoned art aficionado or simply curious about the intriguing world of Félicien Rops, a visit to this museum is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Galerie du Beffroi

Galerie du Beffroi
Galerie du Beffroi © Visit Namur – Office du Tourisme de Namur

Located within the UNESCO-listed Belfry of Namur, Galerie du Beffroi is an art gallery that showcases a rotating selection of contemporary works by local and international artists. As you explore the gallery’s thought-provoking exhibitions, take a moment to appreciate the unique setting within Namur’s historic Belfry.

A visit to Galerie du Beffroi offers a rare opportunity to experience the captivating intersection of history and modern art.

Jardin De Passion Theatre

Jardin De Passion Theatre
© Passion Garden Theater

For an unforgettable night of live entertainment, head to Jardin De Passion Theatre, a beautiful venue located in the heart of Wallonia’s capital. The theatre hosts a diverse range of performances, from cutting-edge contemporary productions to timeless classics, featuring talent from across the country.

Grab a seat and immerse yourself in the magic of live theatre, where captivating stories come to life before your eyes.

Culinary Experiences in Namur

No visit to Namur would be complete without indulging in the city’s delicious culinary offerings. From sampling local specialties like Wépion strawberries and Escargot pétit-Gris de Namur to savoring the flavors of craft beer and fine dining, there’s a taste sensation to suit every palate.

So loosen your belt and get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey through the heart of Belgium!

Local Specialties

Namur is home to a variety of local specialties that are sure to delight your taste buds. Be sure to try Wépion strawberries, known for their sweet, juicy flavor, and the savory Escargot pétit-Gris de Namur, a local delicacy made from snails.

For those with a sweet tooth, Bietrumé de Namur candies and avisance de Namur, a puff pastry roll filled with minced meat, are not to be missed. With so many unique flavors to discover, your taste buds are in for a treat!

Craft Beer Tasting

Belgium is renowned for its craft beer, and Namur is no exception. With local brews like Rochefort and Maredsous, beer enthusiasts will find plenty to satisfy their thirst.

Head to Le Chapitre, considered the best pub in Namur, to sample a range of local beers in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. As you sip on your brew of choice, raise a toast to the rich brewing traditions that have made Belgian beer famous around the world.

Fine Dining

For those seeking a more upscale dining experience, Namur boasts a selection of top-notch restaurants that cater to even the most discerning palate. L’essentiel, L’air du temps, and La Plage d’Amée are among the city’s finest establishments, offering exquisite French and Belgian cuisine in sophisticated settings.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a memorable meal, these fine dining destinations are sure to impress.

Shopping and Leisure

Namur offers a delightful mix of shopping and leisure opportunities, from bustling shopping streets like Rue de Fer to the lively weekly market and charming unique boutiques.

Whether you’re in search of the latest fashion trends, one-of-a-kind souvenirs, or simply a leisurely afternoon of browsing, Namur’s shopping scene has something for everyone.

Rue de Fer

Rue de Fer
Rue de Fer © Ville de Namur

Rue de Fer is Namur’s major shopping street, lined with a variety of stores, including clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, and specialty stores. The lively atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for people-watching and soaking up the sights and sounds of the city.

In between shopping, be sure to explore the nearby Musée des Beaux-Arts and the Musée de la Ville de Namur, which offer a fascinating glimpse into the city’s artistic and cultural heritage.

Weekly Market

Located in the city center, Namur’s weekly market is a bustling hub of activity where locals and visitors alike gather to shop for everything from fresh produce to clothing and accessories. Held every Saturday morning, the market offers a vibrant atmosphere and a chance to experience the authentic flavors and styles of Namur.

Be sure to arrive early for the best selection and don’t forget to haggle for the best deals!

Unique Boutiques

For a more personalized shopping experience, Namur’s historic center around Church Saint Loup is home to a variety of unique boutiques offering one-of-a-kind items. From vintage clothing and handmade jewelry to artisanal crafts and home décor, these charming shops provide a treasure trove of distinctive finds that are perfect for gifts or souvenirs.

As you wander through the cobblestone streets, be sure to stop and explore these hidden gems that give Namur its unique character.

Day Trips from Namur

If you’re looking to venture beyond the city limits, Namur serves as an excellent base for a variety of exciting day trips. From the picturesque town of Dinant to the serene Maredsous Abbey and the charming Floreffe Village, there’s no shortage of nearby attractions to explore.

So why not extend your stay in Namur and take the opportunity to discover even more of what Belgium has to offer?


Dinant at sunset
Dinant at sunset

Located just 28km south of Namur along the Meuse River, Dinant is a picture postcard town that’s perfect for a day trip. With its cobbled streets, medieval castle, and the striking Collegiate Church of Notre Dame, Dinant offers a wealth of history and charm that’s sure to captivate any visitor.

While in Dinant, be sure to explore the Rocher Bayard, a legendary rock formation steeped in folklore, and visit the Dinant Citadel, where you can stroll along the battlements and take in the breathtaking views of the town below. For a truly memorable experience, don’t miss the opportunity to take a boat ride on the Meuse River or explore the nearby Grotte la Merveilleuse, a stunning cave system filled with awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites.

And if you’re visiting in August, you might even catch the quirky Bathtub Regatta, a lighthearted event that sees locals racing their bathtub-themed floats down the river. With so much to see and do, a day trip to Dinant is sure to be a highlight of your time in Namur.

Maredsous Abbey

Maredsous abbey
Maredsous Abbey

Nestled in the picturesque village of Denée, Maredsous Abbey is a stunning Benedictine monastery that offers a serene retreat from the bustling city. Established in 1872 by Beuron Abbey in Germany, the Abbey is known for its beautiful architecture and its on-site brewery.

Take a tour of the brewery, sample some of the Abbey’s delicious beers, and explore the tranquil grounds of this historic site. A visit to Maredsous Abbey is a perfect way to experience the peaceful beauty of Belgium’s countryside.

Floreffe Village

Floreffe Abbey
Abbey of Floreffe – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Situated along the Meuse River, Floreffe Village is a charming destination that offers a glimpse into Belgium’s rich past. Wander through the village’s cobblestone streets, admire its historic buildings, and visit the Abbey of Floreffe, which was established in 1121 and is the second Premonstratensian monastery to be founded.

While in Floreffe Village, be sure to take a boat ride on the Meuse River and soak in the picturesque scenery that surrounds this enchanting destination.

Family-Friendly Activities

Namur is a fantastic destination for families, offering a variety of activities that are sure to delight visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures at Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola, learning about the region’s strawberry-growing history at the Strawberry Museum, or engaging with interactive exhibits at the city’s many museums, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in Namur.

So pack your bags and get ready for a family vacation that’s equal parts exciting and educational!

Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola

Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola
Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola © Visit Namur – Office du Tourisme de Namur

Located at the top of the Citadel of Namur, Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola is a family-friendly amusement park that offers a wealth of activities for kids aged 3-12. From mini-golf and bumper boats to trampolines and go-karts, there’s no shortage of fun to be had at this vibrant park.

With free entry and plenty of attractions to keep the little ones entertained, Parc Attractif Reine Fabiola is an ideal destination for a family day out in Namur.

Strawberry Museum

Dedicated to the history of strawberry cultivation in Namur, the Strawberry Museum offers a sweet and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Learn about the different varieties of strawberries, the history of strawberry farming in the region, and even sample some locally grown berries during your visit.

With five rooms of exhibits to explore and plenty of delicious strawberries to taste, the Strawberry Museum is a treat that’s sure to please the whole family.

Interactive Museums

Namur is home to a variety of interactive museums that provide engaging and educational experiences for visitors of all ages. The Namur Science Centre and Namur Museum of Natural History both offer hands-on exhibits that encourage curiosity and exploration, making learning fun for children and adults alike.

Whether you’re interested in science, history, or art, Namur’s interactive museums offer a unique and enjoyable way to learn more about the world around us.

Practical Information

Before embarking on your adventure in Namur, it’s essential to gather some practical information about the city. From getting to and around Namur to finding the perfect accommodation, this section will provide you with everything you need to know to make the most of your visit.

Getting to Namur is easy, with the city being well-connected by train, bus, and car. Once you arrive, you can explore the city on foot or by bike, or take a walk.

Getting to and around Namur

Getting to Namur is easy, with direct trains from Brussels leaving every couple of hours, taking approximately an hour and ten minutes and costing €10,20 for a one-way ticket.

Once you’ve arrived, the city is easily navigable on foot, making it simple to explore all that Namur has to offer. For those who prefer to cycle, there are various bike rental options available, as well as shuttle buses and taxis for longer journeys within the city.

Accommodation Recommendations

When it comes to accommodation in Namur, the stylish Royal Snail Hotel is an excellent choice for those seeking a touch of luxury. With its contemporary design, wellness area, and beautiful garden, the hotel offers a relaxing retreat after a day of exploring the city.

The on-site restaurant, La Table du Royal Snail, serves delicious French cuisine and is the perfect spot for a memorable meal during your stay. No matter where you choose to rest your head in Namur, you’re sure to enjoy a comfortable and inviting stay in this charming city.


In conclusion, Namur is a captivating city with a rich history, vibrant culture, and an abundance of activities to suit every traveler’s taste. From exploring historical landmarks like the Citadel of Namur and Saint Aubain Cathedral to enjoying outdoor adventures on river cruises and hiking trails, there’s no shortage of experiences to be had in this charming Belgian city. With its delightful culinary offerings, unique shopping opportunities, and family-friendly attractions, Namur is the perfect destination for a memorable getaway. So why wait? Start planning your visit to Namur today and discover all the treasures this enchanting city has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Namur known for?

Namur is known for its rich cultural heritage, including old castles and cathedrals, a lively city centre with plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops, its diverse touristic attractions, its many museums, theaters and galleries, and last but not least its famous walloon festivals.

Namur is a great destination for tourists looking to explore the culture and history of the region. It offers a wide range of activities and attractions, from visiting historical sites to attending festivals and events. The city also has a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend away or an exciting adventure.

Is Namur and Dinant the same?

No, Namur and Dinant are not the same. While Namur is the capital of the Wallonia region and province, Dinant is a city located approximately 30 kilometers south of Namur.

What is the German name for Namur?

The German name for Namur is Namen, derived from the French, Dutch and Wallon versions of the city’s name.

Is Namur the capital of Wallonia?

Yes, Namur is the capital of Wallonia. This has been the case since 1986 when the Walloon region government was established and the Walloon parliament set up in Namur. The city serves as a centre for the region and has remained so ever since.

What is Namur Belgium known for?

Namur is a culturally rich city known for its diverse touristic attractions, shops, cafes, restaurants, museums, theaters, exhibitions and galleries. It also hosts the famous Walloon festivals which take place in the city on the third weekend of September.

Namur is also an important commercial and industrial centre, located on the Walloon industrial backbone, the Sambre and Meuse Valley, producing machinery, leather goods, metals and porcelain.

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