Belgian Lakes: Nature’s Playground for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Belgium is a country that is renowned for its beautiful scenery, historic cities, and unforgettable chocolates. But you knew that already!

But did you know that Belgium is also home to quite a few stunning lakes that are ideal for both nature lovers and water enthusiasts alike? That is why I want to quickly show you the depth and breadth of Belgium’s lesser-known gems. The Belgian Lakes! From small to large, and man-made to natural, there is more variety than you can imagine.

Les Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure

The Eau d’Heure lakes are a group of five man-made lakes that were built in the 1970s for water supply and the generation of hydroelectric power. They are about 100 kilometers south of Brussels, close to the cities of Cerfontaine and Froidchapelle. With a surface area of 3.74 square kilometers, Lake de la Plate Taille is the largest of the Eau d’Heure lakes.

Swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and fishing are some of the adventure sports you can participate in around Les Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure  The Centre Sportif de l’Eau d’Heure, which offers a variety of water sports equipment, is one of many venues near the lakes where you can rent equipment.

Lac de la Gileppe

Lac de la Gileppe
Lac de la Gileppe

In the eastern region of Belgium, close to the village of Jalhay, lies Lake Gileppe. It was initially built in the nineteenth century for the local textile industry. The lake has a surface size of 1.3 square kilometers and is surrounded by picturesque hills and woods.

Hiking, cycling, and fishing are a few of the common outdoor sports on offer near Lake Gileppe. Sports gear is available for rent at nearby businesses.

Bütgenbach Lake

Bütgenbach Lake
Bütgenbach Lake

Another reservoir in eastern Belgium, Lake Bütgenbachis close to the town of Bütgenbach. It is around 1.2 km2 and was originally established in 1932. Fans of water sports are often seen here since it has lots of options for swimming, sailing and windsurfing when the weather is playing along that is!

Schulens Lake

In the Flemish area of Belgium, close to the town of Lummen, sits Lake Schulens. It is a synthetic lake with a 1.7 square kilometer surface area that was built in the 1970s. Because it is home to many different bird species, the lake is a well-liked location for birdwatching.

At Lake Schulens, visitors can go sailing, windsurfing, and fishing. You can find rental equipment at local businesses.

Robertville Lake

Robertville Lake
Robertville Lake

A reservoir called Lake Robertville can be found in eastern Belgium, close to the community of Waimes. It was founded in 1928 and has a 0.62 square kilometer area. The lake is surrounded by lovely woodlands, making it the perfect vacation spot for those who love the outdoors.

In the area of Lake Robertville, fishing, cycling, and hiking are all common pastimes. By the lake, there are local enterprises that rent out equipment.

Lake Eupen

In the town of Eupen in eastern Belgium is another reservoir called Lake Eupen. It has a 1.16 square kilometer area and was founded in 1938. Both lovers of nature and those who enjoy water activities flock to the lake.

Canoeing, fishing, and hiking are some of the outdoor pursuits available in Lake Eupen. Nearby businesses offer equipment rental.


A natural lake called Donkmeer may be found in Belgium’s Flemish province, close to Berlare. It has a 0.86 square kilometer area and is a popular vacation spot for both locals and tourists.

Donkmeer offers fishing, sailing, and canoeing as outdoor pursuits. By the lake, there are local enterprises that rent out equipment.

Lake Virelles

Southern Belgium’s Lake Virelles is a charming natural lake close to the town of Chimay. It has a square footage of almost 1.45 km2, and wetlands and verdant woodlands surround it. The lake is renowned for its abundant biodiversity, making it a great place for nature walks and birdwatching.

Hiking, birdwatching, and fishing are a few of the outdoor pursuits that are popular at Lake Virelles. Nearby companies offer equipment rental, and the Aquascope Virelles visitor center offers details on the lake’s biology and wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which lake in Belgium is the largest?

The Lac de la Plate Taille, which is a part of the Lakes of Eau d’Heure, is the largest lake in Belgium. It has a 3.74 square kilometer size and is a well-liked spot for fans of water sports.

What are Belgium’s principal lakes?

The Eau d’Heure, Lake Gileppe, Lake Bütgenbach, Lake Schulens, Lake Robertville, Lake Eupen, Donkmeer, and Lake Virelles are a few of Belgium’s largest lakes. These lakes are well-liked by both inhabitants and visitors since they provide a wide choice of outdoor activities.

Does Belgium have any lakes?

Certainly, there are many lakes in Belgium, both natural and artificial. These lakes are well-liked by both nature lovers and adventure seekers since they offer a variety of outdoor recreational options, such as swimming, sailing, fishing, canoeing, and hiking.

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