Gileppe Dam: A Marvel of Engineering

Constructed in the latter half of the 19th century, the Gileppe Dam has served as a testament to the engineering marvels of its era. Here’s a quick snapshot of its vital stats:

  • Year built: 1867-1878
  • Opening: 1878
  • Original Height: Approximately 47 meters
  • Current Height: 68 metres
  • Capacity: Around 248480 cubic meters of water
  • Purpose: Drinking water and hydro-power


  • Address: Barrage de la Gileppe, 4845 Jalhay, Belgium
  • Map: Click Here

Nestled deep in the Jalhay, the Gileppe Dam is not only a dam that provides local drinking water and surplus power but also acts as a major attraction for tourists. Its scenic location makes it a perfect spot for those seeking a combination of nature, history, and engineering.

Activities Around Gileppe Dam

Hiking and Nature Trails

The dam’s surroundings are surrounded by lots of hiking trails that make for a great day out in nature.

Here are some of the trails you can enjoy.

Visit The Lion Tower

Perched atop the dam is the original lion sculpture. It is quite a stunning piece of sculpture. It is built from 183 blocks of Sûre Valley sandstone that comes all the way from Luxembourg. In total, it weighs 300 tonnes and has a height of 13.5 meters.

When the dam was heightened in 1970, they actually had to remove the lion piece by piece and later restore it to the top of the dam where you can admire it today.

Water Activities

The reservoir itself offers a range of water-based activities. So, even if you are not into walking or hiking, there is something for you to enjoy on the dam. Water activities range from:

  • swimming
  • boat rides, kayaking, stand-up paddling
  • water skiing, sailing, jet skiing
  • windsurfing

Picnics and BBQs

There are dedicated BBQ and picnic spots around the reservoir which are a great way to end your day or just spend an afternoon relaxing. After all, what better way to spend a warm summer’s day than by the lake with a steak and a beer!

header image courtesy of Eric Huybrechts

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