The Brussels Card: Is It Worth It For Your Trip?

Grand Place, Brussels

If you are visiting Brussels then you have to consider the all-in-one Brussels Card. The card offers free entry to loads of museums and attractions as well as discounts on a variety of food, tours and other things in town.

The great thing about such a visitor card is that it allows you to experience the best of Brussels at a fraction of the cost. In this post, I will provide a comprehensive guide to the Brussels Card, covering its benefits, costs, available durations, options, and top attractions you shouldn’t miss.

What is the Brussels Card?

The Brussels Card is a must-have for any traveler looking to explore the rich culture and attractions of Brussels while in town. It is a tourist pass that offers free access to 49 museums, discounted prices for various attractions and tours, and exclusive shopping and dining discounts.

The card also gives free travel on public transportation (if you choose to buy it) within the city during your stay, as well as an option for the hop-on hop-off bus and a priority ticket to the Atomium!

There is so much to love about the Brussels card, but we have just gotten started. Let’s dig in a bit more…

Pricing and Validity Options

brussels card options

The Brussels Card comes in three durations: 24, 48, and 72 hours. On top of that, they give you lots of flexibility with the option of adding:

  • public transport
  • Hop-on, Hop-off bus
  • Atomium Entry (discounted & fast-tracked)

So, you get to choose exactly what you need and pay for that alone.

Here are the prices for the various Brussels Card options and extras:

Brussels Card (museums, attractions and discounts)

  • 24 hours: €32
  • 48 hours: €42
  • 72 hours: €49

Add public transportation

  • 24 hours: Plus €8
  • 48 hours: Plus €15
  • 72 hours: Plus €19

Add Hop-on Hop-off Bus

  • 24 hours: Plus €24
  • 48 hours: Plus €29
  • 72 hours: Plus €34

Note that children under 12 enjoy free admission to many museums, and the card may not be necessary for them.

Atomium Tickets


Atomium Tickers are purchased as a one-time addition (not based on the time of your ticket) and allow you to skip the lines too! Just walk to the front and scan your ticket for entry.

The tickets are also discounted which is great:

  • Adults: €12
  • Seniors: €10.50
  • Students/Teens/Disability: €6.40
  • Children under 115 cm Free

Where to Purchase the Brussels Card

You can purchase the Brussels Card online here or at any of the two official Visit Brussels tourism offices in the city:

You can also buy the Brussels Card at these two museums, just be aware that you cannot add any options in this case, you just get the basic card:

  • The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
  • The Belgian Comic Strip Center.

Top Brussels Attractions Included

With the Brussels Card, you get free entry to 49 museums and tourist attractions, including:

  1. Magritte Museum
  2. Art & History Museum
  3. Musical Instruments Museum
  4. Belgian Comic Strip Center
  5. Horta Museum
  6. Autoworld Brussels
  7. BELvue Museum
  8. Museum of Natural Sciences
  9. Brussels City Museum
  10. Centre for Fine Arts

You will find all the details and a complete list here.

Discounts and Special Offers

Apart from free access to museums, the Brussels Card also provides worthwhile discounts on

  • guided tours (boats, walking, running and more)
  • lots of great food offers (beer, chocolate, meals, coffee)
  • cheaper entry to some attractions (Koekelberg Basilica, Mini Europe, ARAU, BAMKO)

You can see the full list here.

Using Public Transportation with the Brussels Card

If you opt for the Brussels Card with public transportation, you’ll have unlimited access to trams, buses, and metro services operated by STIB-MIVB within the city limits during the card’s validity.

If you are also coming or going to the airport, trains are not included, but there is Line 12 Bus that takes you there for free with the Brussels Card.

Maximizing the Value of Your Brussels Card

To make the most of your Brussels Card, plan your trip to Belgium’s capital around all the museums and attractions you want to visit each day. And on the days where you won’t be entering such places, you can walk around without the card.

That means you should prioritize your must-see museums and attractions, and schedule your visit during the card’s validity period. Don’t forget to make use of the available discounts for tours, shopping, and dining too. As there are some surprising freebies and discounts in the card including the must-try Belgian beer and chocolate.

How it works

The Brussels card is given to you either by email or in printed form when you buy it in person. You can then also upload the card to the app, and use it digitally even if you did not buy it online.

Once you have the Brussels card in either form, you simply scan the QR code for entry at the various museums or for use on public transport.

The Brussels Card App & Free City Map

It is also worth downloading the Brussels Card app to use with the card. You can also store your card inside it (and even buy it there before you arrive).

The app comes with a map and lots of handy information about the various museums and attractions you can use your Brussels card with. The App is available on iOS or Android.

If you do get the card in person you will also get a paper form of the guide and a free city map that some of you may prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Brussels card not worth it?

The Brussels card is not worth it if you don’t plan on visiting many museums or major attractions. If you don’t want or need public transport or to visit the Atomium, the card has options to leave those out, so neither of those is a decider in this case.

How much money can you save with the Brussels Card?

You can save a lot of money with the Brussels card if you visit a lot of museums during your stay. In 24 hours it is hard to save more than 10-20 Euros. However, if you stay for 2-3 days the savings quickly add up, especially if you visit multiple attractions per day and use public transport.

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