Antwerp To Ghent Travel Options

antwerp to ghent

Traveling from Antwerp to Ghent is a delightful journey through the heart of Belgium. It offers a glimpse into the country’s rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re a visitor exploring these charming cities or a commuter on a daily route, there are multiple travel options available to suit your preferences, budget, and schedule.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to different travel options for making the trip from Antwerp to Ghent hassle-free and enjoyable.

Key Takeaways

Fastest Option: By car which takes about 44 minutes
Cheapest Option: Rideshare which costs €3 – €5

Antwerp to Ghent by Train

antwerp metro railway
Antwerp Metro Railway
  • Ave. Duration: 47 minutes
  • Frequency: Every 30 minutes

Traveling by train from Antwerp to Ghent is a convenient and efficient way to explore these two of Belgium’s beautiful cities. It offers ease of access as both cities are well-connected by a reliable and frequent train service, making it a popular choice for commuters and tourists.

Be sure to check the train schedules and ticket prices before your trip, especially during peak travel times, and enjoy your visit to Ghent!

Standard Train Ticket Prices

Seat TypePrice
Second class, Single€ 7.10
First class, Single€ 16.60
Second class, Return€ 21.60
First class, Return€ 33.20

Antwerp to Ghent by Bus

Taking a bus from Antwerp to Ghent is an economical and comfortable way to travel between these two Belgian cities. Bus services are reliable, and the journey offers a chance to appreciate the landscapes along the route. Bus fare ranges from €7 – €10.

Also, check the bus schedule and ticket prices in advance, especially during peak travel times, to ensure a smooth journey to Ghent.

Antwerp to Ghent by Taxi

antwerp taxi
Taxi in Antwerp

The taxi option is the quickest way to get to Ghent from Antwerp which takes approximately 44 minutes. It’s also convenient and comfortable as it offers personalized service and flexibility. Highly recommendable for a group with large luggage or those who prefer a private and direct transfer.

I’d suggest you book your taxi in advance to secure your reservation, especially during busy travel periods or peak hours. Taxis are a reliable mode of transportation in Belgium, offering a comfortable and efficient way to reach your destination in Ghent.

Taxi fare for this journey usually starts at € 160.

Antwerp to Ghent by Rideshare

Using rideshare services for the journey from Antwerp to Ghent offers the convenience of door-to-door transportation and the flexibility to travel at your preferred time. This is also the cheapest option which costs €3 – €5. Although prices may vary based on factors like the distance, demand, and the rideshare company’s pricing structure, so be sure to check the fare estimate in the app before confirming your ride.

If you’re choosing this option, have the app installed and ready to use in advance. Rideshare services provide a comfortable and hassle-free way to travel between these two Belgian cities.

You may install the app here:

Antwerp to Ghent by Car

If you’re planning to travel from Antwerp to Ghent by car, you’re in for a ride as this travel option is a convenient and flexible way to explore these two beautiful Belgian cities and the scenic countryside in between.

This option offers the freedom to explore the region at your own pace, make stops along the way to discover hidden gems, and enjoy the scenic drive through the Belgian countryside. It’s a convenient option for families, groups, or individuals who prefer independence and flexibility in their travel plans.

Make sure to plan your route, check for traffic updates, parking facilities and regulations, and buckle up as you explore these two captivating Belgian cities.

Here are some options for car rentals:

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